Libtards Cry Wolff: Why Would Trump Collude With Russia If He Didn’t Want to Win?

Donald Trump never wanted to become President, claims Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff – a charge that would completely upend the conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with the Russian government to ‘steal’ his victory in 2016.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has discussed this salient point, which reveals the incredible cognitive dissonance many leftists and staunch Never Trumpers are living with as they latch on to any excuse to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, no matter how outlandish or unbelievable.

“We have a ‘tell-all’ book that’s published, and one of the themes of the book is that Trump didn’t even want to win, that Trump didn’t expect to win, that Trump’s wife was in tears on election night because they did win,” Limbaugh said. “They were expecting not to win; they were hoping not to win – they used the campaign for ‘other things’ Wolff’s book says.”

God Emperor Trump

“So what has gone on here? If Trump didn’t even want to win, then what the hell is he doing colluding with the Russians to steal the election?”

Limbaugh pointed out that the hysterical on-going propaganda campaign designed to paint Trump as mentally unstable and unfit to serve in his duly elected position is projection by those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He also offered a chilling assessment that Trump “is the only one stopping this country from descending into a police state of sorts,” referring to the deep state’s all out war on the President and his loyalists within the campaign and administration.

“This is perhaps – to me – the biggest political scandal in my lifetime, bar none,” Limbaugh said. “This stuff is so outlandish, the craziest script writers could not conceive of this, because they would not think something like this possible. There couldn’t be a conspiracy involving this many people and keep it quiet.”

“But when you have a compliant media that’s in on the gig with them, then the rest is easy.”

Stop A Commie

New York Mag published an excerpt from Wolff’s book days before it was released, replete with animation featuring a terrified-looking Trump seated next to a teary-eyed Melania on election night.

“Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President,” reads Wolff’s headline. “One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.”

Wolff has been thoroughly discredited by fellow journalists, those whom he has misquoted and lied about – and even himself, as he has admitted that parts of Fire and Fury may be totally false.

Despite Wolff’s soiled track record, publishers Henry Holt are scrambling to print one million copies to fill overwhelming demand.

Wolff believes that his book “will finally end” the Trump presidency.



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