A Leftist’s Understanding of Mass Shootings

Stephen Paddock, Credit: Facebook

Communism, Marxism, and the Democratic Party are driven by a fundamental lust to control human behavior through political laws, mob pressure, and eventually violence. This can be described as leftism. 

Leftists fundamentally believe they alone are fit to impose universal rules on the rest of the collective through government laws and regulations. When the rest of us disagree it only means we are clearly far too dumb and unenlightened to comprehend the benefits of the progress they want to create. Every problem would be fixed with more regulations and new laws.

It comes from a natural inclination. When any person looks at his smartphone and reads that over 500 people were shot and 58 were killed by some asshole with a modified rifle, they feel a combination of grief and anger, wanting to understand a motive, how it could have been prevented, and might attempt to find a sense of meaning for the tragedy.

When many Americans turn to God, their families, and their support systems to cope, a leftist turns toward the collective. A leftist wonders what the government could have done to prevent it.

God Emperor Trump

Whether it is a mass shooting, hurricane, or terrorist attack, a leftist’s natural, immediate trigger-reaction will be to ask: “What law would have prevented this?”

A leftist then sets out with their premise that a law would have prevented the tragedy and somehow manages to gather a set of loose data and parameters to “prove” their hypothesis.

Perhaps the shooter shouldn’t have been able to own so many guns, such a long rifle, so many bullets, or some specific stock or style. Or perhaps he had no right to bear arms at all because the Constitution was written when people still used muskets.

They might want to pass a law allowing the TSA to operate airport-like screenings at the entrances  of major hotels in cities like Las Vegas.

As a result of this descent into madness driven by control, a leftist considers every form of tragedy a result of bad or missing legislation. It could have all been prevented if not for those foolish people who stand in the way of the new laws.

Those who stand in the way are merely deniers, xenophobes, racists, tax evaders, white supremacists, and gun nuts in the eyes of the leftist.

Believing they solved the world’s problems and know exactly how many congressional votes are needed to pass them, tunnel vision creeps in at this point. The leftist  has all but slipped into superhero fantasy that he is indeed a superhero with the sworn duty to protect the poor and oppressed from the vile and evil Republicans.

The leftist completely denies the idea that their collective is comprised of complicated, sometimes angry, and often damaged, independent people. Leftists are certain that if only the state had enough power there would never be another tragedy.

Stop A Commie

If only the state could lock up every gun and confiscate every knife, Americans would live in peace.

The leftist finds himself trying to stop any and all crime with gun control or knife control and trying stop hurricanes with carbon dioxide legislation and the Paris Agreement.

Yes, sit down and think about that for a moment. Leftists are trying to stop natural disasters and psychopathic killers with words on paper.

Leftists are trying to stop the criminally insane by confiscating tools deemed “too dangerous” from the general population.

A hurricane and a murder are both problems the state could have prevented if the right combination of legislation had been achieved. There is no room for free will, nor is there room for a sociopath with no ability to feel emotion who might decide to go on a killing spree. The only answer can be achieved by the president or through the United States Congress.

There is no spontaneous action. There are only the solutions, and the uneducated bigots who prevent them with their outdated beliefs.

Most on the right would consider these beliefs to be simple self preservation.

Collectivism may begin with noble intentions, but it is always rooted in a power grab. Totalitarianism performed in the leftist’s pursuit of good is the worst type of totalitarianism. Legislation does not cure societal ills, in and an ideal world it might  be time for the leftists, those pushing gender identity nonsense, pedophilia, and general societal degeneracy, to snap out of it.

Only time will tell if more people wake up and leave the Democratic plantation or if they continue to autistically screech their way into self destruction.




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