CNN Ends Interview When Black Trump Supporter Demolishes White Guilt [VIDEO]

CNN asked Diante Johnson for his message to Trump supporters wearing “No White Guilt” t-shirts, and was immediately cut off when his answer strayed from the standard Democratic narrative.

Johnson was interviewed in Washington, D.C. during the Mother of all Rallies held on September 16, and the interview quickly went south for CNN when Johnson answered the reporter’s question about white guilt.

God Emperor Trump

The reporter began, “I’ve seen some shirts here today though, one shirt that said ‘no white guilt,’ things like that,” before asking Johnson what his “message would be” to people like that.

Johnson knocked the reporter back with his candid answer.

“When it comes to ‘no white guilt,’ I actually just made a post about it, did a video about it,” said Johnson, “There are some white Americans that feel guilty for what their ancestors did, you know, this and that.”

“The thing about it is, they shouldn’t have to feel guilty. This is America.”

Then, while viewers could clearly see that Johnson was still talking, CNN cut the audio for the clip and went back to their studio camera.

After CNN prematurely ended his interview, the reporter incorrectly referred to Johnson’s organization as the Conservative Black Foundation. ┬áJohnson is the founder and CEO of the Black Conservative Federation, and previously worked on the Carson and Trump presidential campaigns.

Stop A Commie

Johnson began the interview by telling the CNN reporter that he loves President Trump, and considers his presidency to be a success.

The reporter condescendingly replied to Johnson, telling him “clearly a lot of prominent African American leaders feel differently than you do.”

He then asked Johnson what they are missing about President Trump that Johnson sees.

Johnson calmly replied that “they don’t have the research.” Then he continued, “There’s a book that [President Trump] has, it’s called The Art of the Deal. If you read The Art of the Deal, you would know exactly how he operates and why he does what he does.”

Johnson previously made headlines for having a civil debate with Alt-Right personality Richard Spencer.

While the media tried to paint the debate as Richard being confronted by an angry black conservative, the debate was calm and both parties were able to express their ideas.



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