Maybe It’s Time For The Right To Be Intolerant Again

Credit: James Bromberger

The same pattern has repeated itself time and again over the past fifty years:

Blacks march and scream at people, and the right caves in the name of tolerance

Feminists march and scream at people, and the right caves in the name of tolerance

God Emperor Trump

Muslims march and scream at people, and the right caves in the tolerance

The LGBT crowd marches and screams at people, and the right caves in the name of tolerance.

The biggest problem with the white working-class families that make up the backbone of the Republican Party is that they are the most tolerant people in the world. They want nothing except to be left alone and they assume the same goes for other people. ‘Live and let live” is their motto.

Meanwhile the left refuses to work with anyone right of Stalin, and refuses to bend whenever they decide something is a principle

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But the left refuses to “let you live.” Their objectives have steadily slid downward from desegregation and gay rights to racial reparations, white genocide, normalization of pedophilia, and stigmatization of the straight white male. Hashtags such as ‘kill all men’ and ‘die cis scum’ have leapt off of obscure SJW message boards into the mainstream of social media and cable news.

Stop A Commie

The torch of liberty has been traded in for the jackboot of authority. The endgame for the radical left has been revealed to be exactly what fringe-right commentators have been warning about for decades: communism, globalism, anarchy, genocide, and death for all those who refuse to play ball.

In such a climate one wonders for how long tolerance is still a viable option.

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Some things are worth fighting for. Family, culture, country, and tradition are not just pie-in-the-sky ideas. They are integral to a free and fair society.

It is no longer profitable for one to give up his own personal rights in exchange for the presumed rights of others.

Sometimes pragmatism is the better part of compassion.

Yes, it is time for the right to be intolerant again.



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  1. This seems a little extreme. I mean don’t be a cuck and don’t shill to other people’s beliefs. The left destroys itself. The Right doesn’t need to be intolerant. Freedom of speech is tolerance. Being intolerant would be betraying freedom of speech. So the right would be cucking itself.

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