Why the Left Hates the STOP School Violence Act

As the left continues to politicize the issue of school safety, House Republicans are demonized for putting forward sensible legislation to curb violence.

The STOP School Violence Act contains common sense changes to existing legislation. Instead of waiting for a crisis for intervention in a child’s home, it loosens the language to allow schools to take earlier action. Rather than driving up costs by demanding all children be sent to child psychologists, language is changed to allow all mental health professionals to intervene. In addition to the controversial metal detectors metal detectors, more money is made available to security and other professionals in schools.

The House’s bill also comes with a whopping increase in grants. $50 million will be administered by the Department of Justice, and another $25 million will be invested annually in building security improvements to schools.

God Emperor Trump

President Donald Trump tweeted his support for the bill after it passed the house on Wednesday afternoon, saying the House took “major steps toward securing our schools.”

The bill says nothing about guns.

On the surface, this bill should have every American nodding their head in approval. It should keep weapons out of schools, allow mental health professionals to intervene when problem students begin to become threatening, and may even loosen the grasp of Big Pharma on America’s children. Not all mental health professionals are licensed to give anti-depressants to children like psychologists.

However, the left is in turmoil. There is not a single mainstream media article that does not mention some variance of the phrase, “but Democrats believe more action needs to be taken in preventing gun violence.”

Stop A Commie

In spite of the common sense legislation’s best attempt at bipartisanship, the left simply will not relent without another encroach on our Second Amendment. Following the pattern, we should expect to see a long list of Democrats coming out to oppose the bill, only to find out they supported similar legislation in the past.

For its part in the obstructionist plot, the Senate is pledging to release a completely different bill instead aimed at background checks for firearms.

The left continues to look absurd in their obstruction, and the most zealous devotees to the religion of Democratic statism continues to eat it up. Those in the know on the right laugh at the absurdity of our opponents, wondering when their hatred of President Trump will finally buckle.

Meanwhile, children throughout the United States are left at risk. Your move, Democrats.



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