Google Releases “Lynching Tool” Because Race Relations Are Already So Great

Google recently launched a new “historic project” that allows users to explore past lynchings in America. Naturally, Huffington Post is celebrating.

God Emperor Trump

Knowledge is rarely a bad thing, but Google is the company most notorious for profiting off of users personal data, so I doubt they care about “empowering” their customers with knowledge.

This seems to be another case of “Hey, remember how shitty America is? Look at these awful white people”.

We know awful things happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean we have to define ourselves by it. Black people are not slaves. White people are not slave owners. These issues aren’t relevant to our time.

Stop A Commie

In fact, the only places blacks are still actively sold as slaves are in Middle Eastern countries toppled by the Obama administration.

Instead of highlighting the great things black culture gave the world, Google wants black people focus on the worst aspects of their history. All this project will do is create more division and racial tension, which can easily lead to violence.

I’m Irish, but when I learn about my people’s history I don’t focus on the Potato Famine and how awful my ancestors were treated in America. If you define your people’s culture by their suffering, you’ll miss all the great things about your history.

Don’t let Google distract you from the issues that matter.



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