Cable Ratings Reveal CNN Could Be Done Within Months


CNN is a big, fat mess.

After some near 40 years of at best mediocre reporting it appears the network may finally be at the end of its rope. Their blatant fake news campaign against President Donald Trump obviously backfired big league with his election, but instead of trying a new tact they doubled down twice as hard on opinion journalism and pedantic anarchist propaganda.

God Emperor Trump

CNN felt the wrath of The Don’s pimp hand back in January when he verbally body slammed Jim Acosta at a White House press briefing, and later on Twitter as they ramped up their attacks.

Eventually the fakeness of their news grew so outrageous that three staffers left the company after spreading misinformation and propaganda against one of Trump’s associates causing the company to be nearly sued into oblivion.

Following up on this defeat came Trump’s now infamous tweet which featured a gif of him beating up CNN.


But the network refused to learn from past mistakes with their failed blackmail campaign against a Reddit user who they thought made the gif in question. It was perhaps the most embarrassing moment in CNN history, and this for a network that employs people like Sally Kohn and Fareed Zakaria. Worse than embarrassing, it may have even been illegal, and worst yet, they probably didn’t even blackmail the right guy.

Now, as CNN lags 13th in the cable rankings, with only a third of Fox News’ viewership and losing out to to competition such as TLC, Nick-at-Nite and the Home & Garden Network, one wonders how long they can keep their collective heads above water.

Stop A Commie

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Fake News doesn’t sell well to the American people.

In undercover videos a CNN producer admitted to peddling lies for ratings, but that appears to be a failed gambit at this point. Plagued by infighting and low morale, the leftist propaganda mill appears to be on its last leg. And it’s about time.

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Unless the network can turn things around post-haste – and they have a poor track record of admitting and correcting mistakes – CNN may be well be gone from the cable news scene in a matter of a few years, or even a few months.

And that’s some news we could all look forward too.



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