7 Reasons Most Self-Proclaimed ‘Centrists’ Are Cucks

It should be noted that the author falls within the center-right spectrum and is thus endowed with the privilege of critiquing ‘radical centrists’, a vocal group that does not exist outside of young people posting ‘haha dumb partisan sheeple’ and ‘tfw to intelligent’ style memes on social media.

The centrism of today is the far left of 2008. The centrism of 2008 was the far left of the ’90s. The centrism of the ’90s was the far left of the fifties, and so on ad infinitum.

Let’s look at some telltale signs of communists masquerading as ‘centrists’.

1. Betraying Ignorance By Calling Everyone An ‘Alt-Right 4chan Conservative’ Or Some Other Cringeworthy Insult

God Emperor Trump

These people tend to argue from the left, assuming everyone who voted for Trump is a ‘Christian conservative’, but paradoxically then assuming they are ‘alt-right 4chan shitposters’, an entirely different subset of voters.

They will use the cringe terms above – that they likely learned on Wikipedia or cable TV- and ascribe them to anyone right-of-center. To a radical centrist, everyone who disagrees with him must’ve come straight from /pol/.

2. Weak Anti-SJW Memes In Attempt To Look Impartial


They will always put a lot more effort into anti-Trump talking points than other content. They use recycled memes from 2015 mocking ‘SJWs’ to appear hip and edgy.

3. Always Attack Capitalism

And conversely never trash-talking communism and socialism.

4. They Generally Look Like Cucks

Personifying the attributes of cuckoldry we described in similar articles.

Stop A Commie

5. Generally Weak Memes

Referring back to #2, they really, really suck at memeing.

6. Large Portion Of Them Are Not Yet Voting Age

That wonderful edgy teen phase.

7. Get Their Political Views From Cartoons And Anime

So sad.

8. Hypersensitive To The Word ‘Cuck’

Image Credit: Paul Schultz

If being called a cuck offends you, kid, you probably are one.

If this list hits too close to home, you’re probably another Green Day fan who thinks hating right-wingers is still trendy.


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