6 Ways To Identify A Beta Cuck

Though when dealing with cucks the adage “I know it when I see it” is generally a good guideline, there are a few key attributes that make their identification and categorization easier.

This list is not compiled in any particular order, nor are any of these attributes inherently indicative of cuckoldry. However, someone having two of these characteristics is cause for concern, and three or more is confirmation of some serious cuckwork.

1. Beard/Prematurely Receding Hairline/Glasses

God Emperor Trump

The beard can be combined with one or both of the other two attributes, but is essential to the look. This probably is a subconscious attempt to compensate for low testosterone and general cuckoldry, but is more often than not a major fail.

2. Mario Kart Fanatic

Very common indicator of beta tendencies.

3. Likes Multiple Normie Meme Pages On Facebook

The more random and abstract the content, the better. Bonus cuck points for obscure non-political internet references.

4. Aggressive White Knighting Of Women On Social Media

Stop A Commie

While plenty of based men are naturally compassionate and protective of females, the beta cuck overly and aggressively indulges in such behavior. Bonus cuck points for using terms like ‘misogynist’ and ‘inbred’ to describe any male who disagrees with them on social issues.

5. Superfan of Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Rick And Morty/Bill Nye

Pretty obvious.

(And if their profile photo has a frame identifying which ‘Hogwarts house’ they belong in, it’s pretty much settled at that point.)

6. Lists Themselves As A Musician/Band Member Before Their Real Job On Social Media

99% of these dudes are filthy leftist cucks.

Agree with the list? Think I left something out? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Department of Memes posted a followup list to this piece: “7 More Ways To Identify A Beta Cuck”




  1. I like Harry potter and doctor who. I own guns, ammo, confederate flag, switched Bernie supporters to trump supporters, told people 8 years ago that trump should have run…

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