6 Reasons Why Right Wing Gays Are So Much Better

Acceptance of homosexuality was once an issue that Republicans could be relied on to oppose with vigor, and it was something they always lost on, since most people don’t care what goes on in a bedroom between two consenting adults.

But now the scales have shifted and the pendulum has swung back in the other direction.

The Trump movement, as a surge of populism and nationalism, cared little about social issues and as a result men like Peter Thiel and Milo Yiannopoulos were able to rise to the forefront of right-wing politics.

Here are just a few reasons why Republican gays are much better than their Democrat counterparts.

God Emperor Trump

1. They’re So Much Better Looking

Image Credit: Kmeron

So true.

Partially because leftist gays all end up looking the same, but also because right-wingers are generally more attractive.

2. Much More Wittier And Charming

Lucian Wintrich of Gays for Trump, Image Credit: W Leland

The sassy gay stereotype has existed for a long time, but truth be told the average communist LGBT’er is a humorless drone devoid of mirth aside from the odd “heteros are so dumb” joke, with the charm of a dead oyster and resting bitchface to match.

By contrast, Republican gays are known for having a savage and cutting wit, particularly in their criticism of pop culture and cultural marxism; and having a copious amount of charisma to spread

3. They Are Authentic Bi/Homosexuals

Due to the trend of intersectionality a lot of people identifying as LGBT on the left are, quite frankly, frauds searching for a clique to be a part of. Often they’ll having multiple victim identities, i.e; “I’m a genderfluid disabled Muslim queer POC”.

Stop A Commie

Our gays are just people who have homosexual desires but are capable of thinking critically and independently on political issues regardless of that identity, just as a heterosexual person would.

4. Less Degenerate

Image Credit: Dan Taylor

You won’t catch Peter Thiel or any of the wonderful Log Cabin Republicans running around mostly naked in the streets in rainbow suspenders waving giant dildos in people’s faces.

That’s because they often have high-paying careers (gays earn more and are generally higher educated than average Americans) and other duties to atttend to, rather than traumatize children with BDSM leather orgies on street corners.

5. More Intelligent And Intellectual

Again, forsaking intersectionality and degeneracy frees up so much brainpower.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize radical Islam is a much more pressing threat to western LGBT people than an unflattering portrayal of a polyamorous lesbian couple on cable TV.

6. In General They’re Happier, Better People

So important.

Couple the above traits together and you have some of the best minds at the forefront of the populist revolution, ready to wage war on cultural Marxism and globalism and look fabulous while doing so.



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