5 Reasons Why Meme Pages Are Superior To E-Celebs

Image Credits: Vas Panagiotopoulos, Lauren Southern, Tyler Merbler

Memelord loves his e-celebs, especially the hot ones. But the facts are in – good meme pages are more important to the movement, and here’s why.

1. Memes>Words

The power of memes are much farther reaching than video clips in terms of reach and accessibility. They are also much harder to ban/censor, and can convey much more biting narratives than people constrained to arbitrary guidelines about “hate speech” and “offensive content.

God Emperor Trump

2. Not Beholden To The Almighty Shekel

Though it would be wrong to stereotype all internet celebrities as ideological prostitutes, the fact remains that when money is on the line (as it is on YouTube and elsewhere) it has an effect on messaging and the stances that public figures will take.

Facebook memelords care only about their memes and shitposts, and are much likelier to stay ideologically pure (sometimes to a fault).

3. Breaking The Language Barrier

Pictures and hieroglyphs are a sort of universal sign language that spans oceans and continents, bring together redpilled peers from every age group and culture.

It’s a lot harder to communicate multilingually in video format.

Stop A Commie

4. Honest Anon

Though many conservative and alternative media figures are indeed in the game to champion a political cause, fame and followers are the main prize at stake (thus isn’t necessarily bad – one can’t spread a message without a sizable, loyal fan base).

On the flip side, anonymous meme farmers are not concerned with being heralded as heroes or leaders of any movement. Their sole purpose is to make people laugh and mobilize them to a common goal. An anon only wishes for his memes to be farmed and watch the harvest from the shadows.

5. Out Of Many, One

The great thing about memeing is anyone can do it. Doesn’t matter how pretty or well-dressed you are, as long you have a good sense of humor and above average intelligence, you can make meme magic.

And because of this, we cannot be stopped. Ban one page and six more will spring up in its place.

The meme movement is the working class people’s movement.



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