21 Stupidest People In Network And Cable News

Image Credit: Paul Schultz

There are myriad idiots who spread propaganda on cable television but here are some of the dullest eggs of the bunch. Keep this list handy. If you see their names attached to anything then it’s time to change the channel, close the link, or frankly leave the room. These are terrible human beings who are frankly beyond redemption.

God Emperor Trump

(Note: This is not an ordered list. As far as I’m concerned they suck about equally.)

  1. Brian Williams
  2. Rachel Maddow
  3. Brian Stelter
  4. Lester Holt
  5. Chris Cuomo
  6. Wolf Blitzer
  7. Don Lemon
  8. Juan Willuams
  9. Joe Scarborough
  10. Hugh Hewitt
  11. Anderson Cooper
  12. Mika Brzezinski
  13. Tamara Holder
  14. Jake Tapper
  15. Scott Pelley
  16. Chuck Todd
  17. Piers Morgan
  18. Brianna Keilar
  19. Shepard Smith
  20. Chris Matthews
  21. Lawrence O’Donnell

I’m sure I missed a couple really dumb folks but these are repeating offenders who need to be named and shamed.

Stop A Commie

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below.



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