Facebook Does China’s Dirty Work By Censoring Billionaire’s Tales Of Corruption

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Facebook stands accused of bowing to the Chinese government’s demands to censor a wealthy Chinese-American citizen after he published tales of the Community Party’s corruption on the platform. 

Guo Wengui, a billionaire from China who now resides in “virtual exile” in New York, was blocked from Facebook over the weekend after the Chinese government put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

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Wengui criticized Facebook’s decision to block him on Twitter, and suggested the social network had been pressured by the Chinese government.

He also wrote that his Facebook account was “certified.”

While it is impossible to know if the Facebook account was truly owned by him, the number of candid videos on his Twitter account suggest the account is under Wengui’s control.

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Via South China Morning Post:

“The social media network said it had blocked a profile under Guo’s name and taken down another page associated with him, adding that both pages had included someone else’s personal identifiable information.

Facebook acted after receiving a complaint, according to a spokeswoman for the social network.

Guo appeared to confirm the deletion of his Facebook pages on his Twitter feed with a link to The New York Times report which first disclosed the news.”

China appears to be ramping up its censorship, as numerous Chinese celebrity gossip blogs and other controversial websites have disappeared from the Internet in recent days.

The New York Times speculates that this could be an effort to crack down on free speech in anticipation of a major meeting of the Communist Party:

“Generally, China’s leaders have been obsessed with the containment of negative coverage, and under Xi Jinping we’ve seen a rather dramatic decline in serious coverage by China’s media,” David Bandurski, editor of the China Media Project at the University of Hong Kong, said in emailed comments, referring to the Chinese president. “What we’re now seeing is a war on the nonserious.”

“It’s no longer enough for media content to avoid the negative,’’ he added. “It must be adequately positive.”




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