Reuters: Third of Americans Want ‘White European Heritage’ Protected by Government

Polish immigrant family near Baltimore, Maryland in 1909

It’s easy to get caught up in the mass media frenzy and instinctively take the false information presented every day at face value. Sometimes, however, the media is forced to acknowledge the truth and reveal holes in the current political narrative.

God Emperor Trump

Such is the case with a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in conjunction with the UVA Center for politics with the purpose of surveying public opinion on major hot-button race issues of the day.

The poll, which encompassed some 5,000 people, found that one-third of Americans (31%) believe that the U.S. should protect and preserve its white European heritage – compared to 34% disagreeing – while another 39% acknowledge that white people are under attack in American culture, with 38% disagreeing.

The full poll results appear to line up with the sort of populist message embraced by supporters of President Donald Trump: All are equal under the law, but American ethics and ideals must be at the forefront of our society:

The poll, conceived in the aftermath of the violence and protests in Charlottesville, also found that a majority of Americans (57%) believe Confederate statues should be left up in public view as they have been, for the past 150+ years without incident , whilst barely a quarter (26%) think they should be desecrated and torn down.

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These results line up with another Reuters poll conducted in August which had very similar numbers: 54% of those surveyed said Confederate monuments should stay up in public spaces, literally twice the amount of those who believed the statues should be removed (27%).

All in all, results like these should serve as a harsh reality check for those in the media, politics, and the entertainment industry: the majority of people see the truth, through the thick fog of lies, race baiting, and misinformation that bombards them in the news every day. The more Democrats moan and bitch, the further they drive the general public to the right on all social issues of the day.



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