‘God Emperor Trump’ Released From Hackers After FBI, Media Promise Fire & Fury

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Hacked Packistani
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

After a flaw in Facebook security allowed the Facebook page to be stolen by Pakistani hackers, pressure from the FBI, state investigative agencies, local police, and the alternative media persuaded the hackers to peacefully surrender the page. 

This would never have happened, we believe, if not for the immense pressure placed on them by Dan Lyman at InfoWars/NewsWars. Additionally, we would like to thank our contacts at Breitbart, and all of the other publications who responded to our press release. As Alex Jones says, “you are the resistance.”

God Emperor Trump

We were helped by an unbelievable loose association of conservative pages on Facebook as well:

  • Captain Redpill
  • The New Centrist
  • Disdainus Maximus
  • The Honest Media
  • Sports Beer and Politics
  • Imperial Hegemony of the Right Wing
  • Killary Memes 3.0
  • Diddly Widdly Dank Dank Meme Page
  • A Wolf in Sheeple’s Clothing
  • Right LAD
  • Being Banned from Being Liberal
  • Thot Police
  • Destroy Hollywood
  • 101 Royal Shitposting Regime v2
  • Sux News
  • Trump’s Praetorian Guard II: The Eternal Edge
  • Populist Wire
  • Anti-Lib Fage Brigade
  • Right Wing Army
  • Deus Imperador Bolsonaro
  • The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race.
  • I, Hypocrite

If we forgot you, we’re sorry! We want to thank you, tell us and we will add you to the list!

We also want to thank our friends at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI receives a lot of flak in the current political climate, but we have little doubt in our mind about the importance of this agency. The mere presence of the FBI on the world stage is enough to get results.

Stop A Commie

Additionally, without naming them individually, we would like to thank all arms of law enforcement: federal, state, and local, for investigating.

Finally, we want to thank ALL OF OUR FANS who helped. We saw the hilarious interactions between you and the hackers. We saw your shares. The outpouring of love we felt from our fans has been intense, and reminds us all why we love running this page and interacting with this community. Thank you. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

The page was stolen on January 8, using a sophisticated phishing scheme utilizing Facebook’s website. The hackers managed to steal the page without ever leaving business.facebook.com. Read the details in our official press release.



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