Facebook’s Decision To Ban ‘Disdain for Plebs’ Is Why We Must Abandon It

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Early on Monday morning the conservative Facebook page Disdain for Plebs was banned from Facebook, provoking an uproar on the platform from right wing users who feel unfairly targeted and more unwelcome every day.

In recent weeks, Facebook has escalated its attacks on right wing pages. The Straight, White Capitalist, another right wing page with 75,000 likes, was similarly zucced last week.

Most importantly, God Emperor Trump suffered a censorship blitz where multiple admins had their accounts wiped from the platform without cause, including the author’s real Facebook account. This resulted in the Facebook page Memelord For Hire becoming completely inaccessible to all of its admins. We can see the page, but none of us have access to it.

All of this is, of course, nothing new. Disdain for Plebs was unpublished over a year ago, and God Emperor Trump has been unpublished twice. All three times, it took the entire conservative media writing about the unprovoked, unfair bans before the pages were republished.

God Emperor Trump

After the most recent attack on God Emperor Trump, we started an aggressive campaign to migrate users to alternative, free-speech-friendly platforms like Minds and Gab. We were the first major page to do this, having been the first major meme page to be raided by Zuck’s jackboot cuck squad, on multiple occasions.

Now, in light of recent events, the need to seek out alternate platforms grows even greater. It is imperative to set up accounts on Minds.com and Gab.ai.

Yet this is the average response when we recommend this course of action:

“But it’s too much work.”

“Yeah okay bud I’m never leaving Facebook.”

“Lol alt platforms will never be able to compete with Facebook.”

Bullshit. The only thing free speech-friendly companies need to compete against Orwellian fascists are users. MySpace unseated Friendster, and Facebook unseated MySpace. One of the only reasons Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t gone the way of Tom Anderson, MySpace Tom, is because he became cozy with the Obama administration and formed what InfoWars has repeatedly called a “public-private partnership” between the government and Facebook.

If even half of the God Emperor Trump audience moved to Minds and Gab, it would almost double Gab’s user base and add at least 10% to Minds.

Stop A Commie

We have a unique and intelligent approach to Facebook that helps us evade the Zuck, but everyone knows the clock is ticking. Facebook simply has no desire for conservative users on its website. The company wants to replace the largely defunct mainstream media’s leftist bias with their own. Instead of Walter Cronkite lying to the public, it will be Occupy Democrats, Being Liberal, and I Fucking Love Science.

The right wing needs to stop being dependent on people who hate us to share information. Yes, stay on Facebook. No, do not depend on it for news, friendship, and transmitting information.

Facebook is hostile territory. Our voices will be purged, and our accounts will be banned, all for violating their nebulous “community standards,” while literal pornography, videos of people committing suicide, and left wing fake news will continue to exist, and indeed be pushed.

Mark Zuckerberg himself is a leftist who has turned his own Facebook page into an anti-Trump whining fest. He even argues with people in the comments. 

Do not wait to fight for your rights until they are already gone. Join us on Minds and Gab.

We’ve already made the transition easy. We wrote an entire article about why Minds is vastly superior to Facebook, and we wrote another article with suggestions of people you should subscribe to after you join. Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, and Styx are already on Minds.

God Emperor Trump and Memelord For Hire are already on Minds.

For those who like Twitter, or at least its functionality, Gab offers a more intuitive, freer experience. And yes, God Emperor Trump and Memelord For Hire are on Gab.

Our plan: Stay on Facebook to red pill normies, invite our fans to join us on actual free speech platforms so the flow of information cannot be controlled by Mark Zuckerberg.



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