Cards Against Humanity Buys Land to Stop Trump’s Wall, Forgets About Eminent Domain

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The Cards Against Humanity bought land on the U.S.-Mexico border in an effort to stop construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall, though it will almost certainly be stopped by eminent domain and President Theodore Roosevelt’s little-known “Roosevelt Reservation.”

There are two major reasons the anti-Trump board game company’s attempt to stop construction of the border wall will fail, and the first was first foreseen over a century ago by President Roosevelt, a man widely adored by the left for his contribution to public parks, signed the Roosevelt Reservation on May 27, 1907. The second reason the plot is doomed is a topic that came up frequently in the 2016 Republican primary campaign, eminent domain.

President Trump was questioned repeatedly about whether or not he would endorse the use of eminent domain to build his border wall during the early presidential debates. In one such debate, it became a flash point between Trump and Jeb Bush. Eminent domain allows the government to seize land at will if it is deemed necessary for government.

God Emperor Trump

“Eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country,” then-candidate Trump said of the law. Many Republicans claimed it was an anti-Republican stance, but Trump pointed out that it was necessary for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which was endorsed by many of the Republicans running against him.

The often forgotten Roosevelt Reservation, meanwhile, gives the government property rights to a 60 foot “strip” of land along the border:

Whereas it is necessary for the public welfare that a strip of land lying along the boundary line between the United States and the Republic of Mexico be reserved from the operation of the public land laws and kept free from obstruction as a protection of smuggling goods between the United States and said Republic…

It appears the board game company bought the strip of land as an opportunity to get their name in the headlines rather than to prevent construction of the border wall. The tactic apparently worked well for the company, with reports indicating their products were quickly selling out of stores the day the news broke.

Stop A Commie

At least they will be entirely unsuccessful when it comes to actually preventing construction on the wall.

Our friend Based Meme Lord II came up with a very apt comparison:



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