4chan Declared War Against Antifa And They’re Winning BIG LEAGUE

It’s no secret that members of 4chan’s /pol/ board have declared open war on radical alt-left Antifa terrorists over the past year or so, but until recently the methods and level of success of this online battle campaign have been kept secret from normies.

There have been a few major instances of 4chan autists successfully pulling off operations that reached the media and were covered by Department of Memes, notably the cucking of Shia LaBeouf and his ‘He Will Not Divide Us Campaign’, and the identification and arrest of the so-called ‘Bike Lock Professor’ Eric Clanton.

Over the weekend, some unique insight into 4chan tactics and word of a major propaganda victory against Antifa was posted on Twitter by 4chan watchdog @polreport. The series of tweets list how anons have spent hundreds of hours combing through “footage, thousands of images & a million chat logs.”

The report also describes how anons have infiltrated Antifa group chats on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Slack, and have begun passing information and names related to illegal activities on to federal authorities.

“[We’re] beginning to see a greater picture. We have begun to learn their tactics,” the report stated. “We know their hierarchy (ironic since they’re against having one) We know how they orchestrate, provoke, attack and COMMUNICATE.

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As an example, photos and video of Antifa in action were used to discover that the leftist group communicates via CB transceiver radios in the field. In turn, this information was used to identify Antifa leaders.

Another key bit of information that was highlighted was the color schemes used to differentiate the different sects and social hierachy of anarcho-communist forces. Many of these groups take their inspiration from real-life communist death squads, such as ‘Black Guard,’ which “went from killing Bolsheviks . . . to these Cucks!” (Referencing a photo of decidedly scrawny-looking black-clad college students.) “In all the hours of footage these guys are the least likely to fight. Which is why the other groups hate them #pussies.”

The briefing also goes on to state that information from Antifa chat logs indicates the anarchists are beginning to lose hope, and membership. Photographs of key activist leaders are shown, and it is implied that many grunt-level antifascists are wholly unaware of how the former are financed and put into place by higher-level corporate backers, “calling the shots and being paid to do so. We forward financial info to the feds also.”

The report concludes with a call to action and recruitment to the cause: “But the fight continues. While #Antifa WILL start to dwindle, there will be new foes to fight. And that is where you come in! We regularly receive valuable info from Anons of all skills. Intelligence officers, police, military & others share their knowledge!

Accompanied by screenshots showing massive support from the online community, the final tweet sends out a clarion call to social media users everywhere, asking, “Do [you] have a particular set of skills? Will [you] heed the call to arms Patriot? Its time to join the fight! Help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

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