Germanistan: Overwhelming Majority of ‘Migrants’ Still Unemployed

Swedish newspaper Fria Tider, or Free Times in English, reports that one fifth of African migrants living in Germany are still unemployed and are, accordingly, still not assimilated. 

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As Angela Merkel was elected by the German people to another term as chancellor of Germany, the country continues facing a migrant crisis that threatens to permanently change the demographic makeup of the region.

According to Fria Tider, a Swedish-language newspaper focusing on immigration and conservative politics, over 200,000 migrants from Africa still do not have gainful employment in Germany. Worse, some of those counted in the 200,000 may only be in training or have internships that allow them to be counted as employed while still not generating income.

The official numbers indicate Germany has accepted about 1.1 million economic migrants from Africa and the middle east in the last few years.

While Germany continues to elect the same questionable leadership, the majority of German citizens believe the number of migrants has gone too far. Fria Tider reports that 7 in 10 Germans think there are too many migrants, and the government should reverse its course on refugee resettlement and immigration.

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Via Fria Tider:

“‘How can we seriously integrate all these people? Get them to understand how our culture and our rule of law work,’ says Siegfried Walch, the country council to Aftonbladet , pointing out that there is an ‘impossibility’ because they are so many.

He believes that Germany’s future may be characterized by parallel societies, explaining that only a few of those who have no asylum reasons are expelled from Germany. They remain because responsible magistrates do not dare to expel it, according to Walch.”

While Germany reelected Angela Merkel with a comfortable majority, the so-called “far right” party Alternative for Deutschland party received just over 12% of the vote. If Alternative for Deutschland continues to receive mainstream attention, it may pose a threat to Merkel’s dictator-like control over the European state.



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