German Mayor Stabbed​ by Starving Man While City Accepts 200 ‘Refugees’

Credit: RT / YouTube

“You let me starve but you let 200 refugees into our city!” shouted a man as he allegedly stabbed the German mayor outside a kebab shop, in the small German town of Altena. 

The attack happened, officials believe, as a politically motivated attack inspired by the mayor’s lack of action in the European migrant crisis.  Mayor Andreas Hollstein, has lobbied to take in even more refugees than is required by Merkel’s national quota.

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The stabbing occurred last Monday. Hollstein described the assault during a press conference Tuesday, detailing how he was violently stabbed in the neck and left with a six inch wound.

According to witnesses who described the event, the attacker was a German citizen.  The witnesses said the man was upset that the mayor was accepting 200 new refugees into their city, while he and his family starved.

The attack was spontaneous and the attacker was intoxicated with alcohol. The mayor was rescued by a local man, Ahmet Abdullah, who incapacitated the alleged attacker.

Hollstein, a member of Chancellor Angela Merke’s Christian Democratic Union, is a vocal supporter of Merkel’s pro-refugee policies.  Additionally, Hollstein is known for his support of liberal immigration policies.

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Under his administration, Altena, a town of only 17,000, accepted 450 migrants. Hollstein has been mayor of Atlena since 1999.

Immigration in Germany has increased dramatically under the guidance of Merkel and the CDU. Government statistics reveal that over 1.3 million migrants have registered for asylum since 2015, and it is believed that Merkel’s proposed immigration plan would result in more migrants over the next few years.





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