Pepe Memes Projected on Matt Furie Attorney’s Office by IRL Shitposters

As Matt Furie threatens to sue right wingers for “unauthorized uses” of Pepe, IRL shitposters trolled his law firm by projecting the frog on their building.

Furie united with law firm WilmerHale, a D.C. outfit willing to help Furie harass vile, racist, and bigoted Alt-Right personas like Mike Cernovich (if you’re not laughing at this you should be) for their use of his comic character turned Internet meme. The lawyers sent take down notices to Cernovich, Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and Reddit’s r/the_Donald (again, about as far from Alt-Right as you can get), along with other unnamed entities demanding they discontinue their “unlawful” use of the much beloved amphibian.

Seemingly inevitably, IRL shitposters took it upon themselves to fight back. They tracked down the WilmerHale office building, came up with a strategy, and projected Pepe the Frog onto the building in what may be the most hilarious instance of real-life shitposting since He Will Not Divide Us.

God Emperor Trump

While the demands were met with some early success when Amazon and other major websites removed the so-called unauthorized Pepes, Furie’s attempts have since been stymied as more groups pledge to push back against the legal threats.

Baked Alaska and Cernovich have pledged to fight the charges, and while Spencer has remained silent he retweeted several of Baked Alaska’s thoughts on the lawsuit.

Baked Alaska also pointed out that the trademark for Pepe the Frog expired last year.

Stop A Commie

As for Cernovich’s part, the body builder turned author and shitposter wrote brutal rebuttal to the lawsuit published on Medium that took apart WilmerHale’s lawsuit piece by piece.

Cernovich concluded the piece by condemning the suit. He said the “lawsuit threat is frivolous, and moreover, contains a knowing falsehood,” he explained, “the letter links to an article where I specifically disclaim any involvement with the alt-right. Thus this lawyer has committed fraud by lying about my being ‘alt-right.'”

Cernovich also included a letter sent to WilmerHale by his law firm, Randazza Legal Group. The letter included priceless lines like “Should you choose to file suit against Mr. Cernovich, we will be delighted to embarrass the fuck out of you – and set up a malpractice claim by your client against you. Because if you really don’t understand fair use, you should leave copyright law to lawyers who do.”

If WilmerHale continues its attempt to purge the Internet of “unauthorized uses of Pepe” then the fireworks have surely only begun.

Meme War II may be upon us.

h/t Big League Politics



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