LGBTQ Nation Defends Pedophile Propaganda, Libels Department of Memes

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LGBTQ Nation recently wrote an article defending Netflix’s shocking new cartoon “Big Mouth,” which contains a talking, prepubescent vagina, and called Department of Memes an “alt-right site.”

Department of Memes published an article about the strange and disgusting new original program Netflix is adding to its lineup. While the program is not directed at children, the trailer suggests it contains homosexual scenes between barely pubescent boys, and a scene in which a young girl holds a mirror to her naked, talking vagina.

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The program also shows barely pubescent boys masturbating, humping pillows, and ejaculating.

According to LGBTQ Nation, this somehow is not creepy or bordering on child pornography at all, because it’s so totally funny. 

Image Credit: YouTube

LGBTQ Nation is the one of the many publications that engaged in the controversy surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos, who was accused of supporting pedophilia because he was molested as a child.

LGBTQ Nation went on to libel Department of Memes by calling us an “alt-right website.”

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Alt-right site The Department of Memes is having a meltdown and points to the low rating the show’s trailer is receiving on YouTube, as well as the number of derogatory comments, as if they were the honest reactions of the average viewer and not the result of an obvious campaign against the show, in an ongoing feud with Netflix.

While we at Department of Memes hold no ill will against the Alt-Right, we never made any such claims about our status. On our own about page, we describe ourselves as “a memetic news website run by major conservative Facebook pages and their fans.”

The website, run by apparently hateful homosexuals who are incapable of doing research, also seem to believe the only reason anyone would dislike Amy Schumer, a TV show called “Dear White People” or a cartoon that shows uncensored children’s genitals is because they are part of some sort of alt-right conspiracy campaign against Netflix.

Department of Memes asked LGBTQ Nation to correct their article. We will update this article if we receive a response.



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