YouTube Pushed Pro-Refugee Propaganda And Their Users Revolted

Yesterday we reported on YouTube’s propaganda video titled #MoreThanARefugee, a disgusting video with smiling children and happy old men mixed with cheerful music meant to make the viewers want to take refugees into their country.

God Emperor Trump

At the time of the article’s publication, it had over 1.5 million views and over 125,000 ‘dislikes’.

As of this article’s publication, the original #MoreThanARefugee video has over 7 million views and over 277,000 ‘dislikes’.

While YouTube is purging right wing comments faster than Stalin sent right wingers to the gulag, more red pilled comments appear by the minute, and the backlash is building nonetheless.

In response, YouTube user Czarne majty used the audio from YouTube’s video and recut it with actual candid footage of refugees assaulting women, destroying public property, killing Europeans, and rioting in the streets to tell the true story of refugees in Europe (Warning: Graphic video).

At this point not only has YouTube permanently damaged its reputation, it has fueled the creation of right-wing videos informing and mocking those naive few who are still pro-refugee.

Stop A Commie

Also, even though YouTube is purging all right wing comments on an hourly basis, the comments on the original video are still absolutely brutal. Here’s another selection of comments we took screen shots of before they were deleted. And yes, Adolf Hitler is still hanging around.

This could not be going any worse for YouTube. If they try this again, expect for the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ function as well as the comments to be turned off.



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