“You’re Getting The Shank White Boy”: Pro-Trump Activist Stabbed 9 Times

Antonio “Tony” Foreman was stabbed nine times in the aftermath of a pro-Trump demonstration in California, with his alleged attackers shouting racist slurs as they attacked him. Foreman says the last thing he remembers before blacking out during the attack was hearing one of the attackers say “you’re getting the shank, white boy”.

God Emperor Trump

The Red Elephant reports:

Foreman sustained a total of nine knife wounds, four on right his flank, one on chest, two on left side, one across his face and one on his neck. Several of them penetrated deeply, putting his life in immediate danger and warranted an emergency twelve hour surgery, which he has undergone already.  The doctors say that he may require one more additional surgery before leaving.

Foreman is a security guard for alt-right personality Tim Treadstone, better known as Baked Alaska, and was celebrating with “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman at the time of the incident.

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Stop A Commie

Earlier in the day of the incident, Foreman attended a “pro-free speech” rally in support of President Trump in Los Angeles, California while doing his job attending Treadstone. While authorities are unclear on the motivation, it is believed by Foreman and his associates the altercation was racially and politically motivated.

Crowdfunding website WeSearchr has a page set up for donations on Foreman’s behalf.


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