Are Liberals Dying Out?

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Could we really be approaching a post-degeneracy world ruled by alphas? Where rainbow haired tumblrinas are a distant memory, beta cucks have been eradicated, and degeneracy no longer festers in the streets?  In other words, are the 1950s returning?

Two college academics writing for “free thinking” website Quillette say maybe.

“By now there is a huge body of literature in behavioral genetics, which shows that pretty much every psychological characteristic we can measure is to some degree heritable. This raises a question that has received little discussion beyond academia – what about political views? Are they heritable? And if so, what does this mean for the political landscape of future generations?

The evidence for the heritability of psychological traits is immense. The authors of a recent meta-analysis published in Nature Genetics looked at 2,748 publications surveying 17,804 traits. They found that “estimates of heritability cluster strongly within functional domains, and across all traits the reported heritability is 49%.”

These results shouldn’t be surprising. If offspring didn’t resemble parents to some degree, evolution as we understand it could not occur. Indeed, according to the Darwinian paradigm, evolution takes place through variation and selection.”

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God Emperor Trump

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The two come to the conclusion that conservatives’ strong family values and propensity for raising large nuclear families may be enough to outbreed those on the left.

“Of course, it is silly to claim that genes fully determine political ideology. We all know people who have different political views than their parents. Moreover, it may be true that many people take their cue about what to believe from high status people like influential celebrities and university professors. If so, to the extent that elites are (currently) more likely to espouse liberal political views, such views may persist and spread to a greater degree than they would if each person was left to her own devices to form a political identity.

Nevertheless, despite cultural trends, the best available evidence suggests that political ideology is heritable, and that people with liberal personality traits currently have far fewer children than conservatives. If this trend continues, it is possible that the reproductive choices people are making today will influence the political climate of future generations. Over the long run, conservatives could end up winning the ideological contest with fertility rather than arguments.”

If their conclusions are accurate, the world of tomorrow looks very bright. It also doesn’t hurt that Generation Z, those born after 1995, is rumored to be the most conservative generation since World War II.


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