Wikileaks: Germany Called Antifa ‘Terrorist Organization’ In 1979

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While the mainstream media is still attempting to politically crucify President Trump after his brutal press conference in which he asked if the “Alt-Left” had “any semblance of guilt” for what happened in Charlottesville, citizen journalists on Reddit’s r/the_Donald have uncovered publicly available documents on Wikileaks that refer to Antifa as a “terrorist organization” acting in West Berlin.

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From the Wikileaks cable:

“Status awaiting possible terrorist attacks by members of the German terrorist organization Antifa in West Berlin, allegedly to be directed against radio/TV stations and offices of newspaper agencies. Some of the Antifa members had arrived in West Berlin a few days before the weekend and had taken preparations in anticipation for these attacks.

During the weekend, the majority of the Antifa terrorists (total number maximum ten) had been under constant surveillance by LFV Berlin and West Berlin’s Political Police. The attack was believed to be directed, among others, against the AFN radio/TV station. Precautionary measures to protect radio/TV stations, offices of news agencies, and other public buildings believed to be high on the list of the terrorists had been taken during the weekend.”

It appears the key difference between the Antifa of the 1970s and the Antifa of 2017 is their relationship in the media. Decades ago they wanted to attack the media, and today the media shills for them constantly.

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However, while this information already devastates the mainstream media’s narrative about the Alt-Left and Antifa being figments of the Right’s imagination, other information released by Wikileaks reveals that Antifa has been protected by the media across the globe.

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In one of Wikileaks’ leaked “Global Intelligence Files,” emails and documents belonging to the global intelligence agency Stratfor, we see another example, this time from 2014, of Antifa condoning and supporting terrorism – violence in the name of political ideologies – against the Right:

The German website published an article entitled “Block the Nazi March!”, claiming that “for years, the right-wing government and the Catholic Church have promoted a racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic atmosphere in Poland.”

While the mainstream media pretends President Trump has totally lost it after he called out the Alt-Left Antifa thugs for what they are, basic Internet sleuthing shows that most of the West has known exactly what Antifa is for decades, and that nothing has changed in recent years.



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