8 Ways To Sh*tpost IRL

We all love triggering lefties on social media with frog memes, but sometimes the meme necessitates weaponizing some autism in the real world.

Here a few ideas that aren’t too elaborate.

Any bodily or mental harm that may come to you or those around you as a result of taking this advice is definitely not our fault.

1. The Classic “REEEEEEE”

God Emperor Trump

Channel your inner Pepe for a normie-level but satisfying release of pent-up frustration.

2. Wear MAGA Gear

Bonus points for purchasing and wearing GET merch.

3. Drop Redpills Whilst In The Middle Of Sexual Intercourse

We wrote a great article about this elsewhere.

4. Listen To Moonman In Public

Bonus points for blasting it out of your car in the middle of the hood.

Stop A Commie

5. Put Triple Parentheses Around Previous Employers On Job Applications

Chances are you’re probably right too.

6. In Your Best Alex Jones Voice, Inform People About Current Issues

You’re not okay with the globalists putting chemicals in the water to turn the friggin’ frogs gay, and you should let people know about this.

It’s also important to remind friends and coworkers that 1776 will commence again and that Bill Clinton is a rapist.

7. That Evil “Ok” Hand Sign

Lauren Southern

It’s a symbol of white supremacy in Nazi Drumpf’s America, don’t ya know.

8. And Finally, Let People Know When They’ve Disrespected Your Pronouns 

You didn’t choose to be born an attack helicopter trapped in a human’s body, and you need to make sure people check their heliphobe privilege.

Same goes if you sexually identify as Donald Trump and people refuse to accept your billionaire playboy status.

Good luck, and happy shitposting.



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