7 Ways To Identify A Cuckservative

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Long held up as the pinnacle of intellectual thought on the political right, cuckservatives have recently outed themselves as nothing more than virtue-signalling opposition voices who are incompetent at winning major elections in the modern political landscape.

Though they have dwindled in number and relevance of late, cuckservatives still exist and here are a few handy ways of spotting them.

1. Anti/Never Trump

The most obvious sign of a neocuck. These people clearly have judgement issues since they backed losing candidates (McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush, or even worse; Hillary and Evan McMuffin) and are not to be taken seriously in any matters that concern Republican policy.

God Emperor Trump

2. Muh Bible Before Muh Country

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Not to be confused with based Christians who advocate for religious freedom. Those who put religion before country and who think alcohol, homosexuality, and topless movie scenes are the downfall of Western society show a distinct lack of both historical knowledge and no sense of priorities.

Those who would reject prominent leaders of the conservative movement over such petty grievances are likely to have opposed Trump for similar reasons.

3. Muh Wars For The Children

Child: Daddy, what’s a hard-on?

Father: Well son, that’s what Lindsey Graham gets when he thinks about war.

While imperialism is part of the proud history of Western civilization, corporate police wars staged to ‘protect human rights around the globe’ are disgusting and those who advocate for them are horribly cucked.

4. Pedantic Virtue-Signalling And Infighting

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Stop A Commie

Beware those who say “the far right is just as bad as the far left”, “racism is bad no matter what”, “Right-Wingers are really leftists”, and similar tripe. There are cases of cuckservatives harassing and assaulting people who stand alongside them for being “racist” or “white nationalist” or other leftist buzzwords.

5. They Think Ben Shapiro Is Jesus

You know who these people are.

6. They Listen To Christian Pop Music


7. They Look For Opportunities To Criticize Trump And Even Other Conservatives In An Effort To Show ‘Fairness’

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwTU9Y_pVX0]

These people are the equivalent of the dad who umpires his son’s little league game and purposely blows calls against his team to prove he’s not biased and appear impartial, and are just as annoying.

Triggered by this list? Well then you’re probably a cuckservative.

Have a great day!


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