VIRAL VIDEO: Based Iranian Exposes Unholy Alliance of Leftism and Islam

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A based Iranian refugee living in Canada explains the confusing relationship between leftism and Islam, two seemingly diametrically opposed ideologies that somehow unite to destroy countries.

He begins, “I’m a political refugee from Iran, I’ve been to prison, I’ve been under Islamic law, and I know how it starts, and I know how it ends,” continuing to say that Islamic law always starts with the “unity of left and Islamists,” and he lives in fear of the same happening in the West.

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The refugee says “I’m beginning to get really scared, because it looks like [the left] are going to basically appease Islamists just to not raise any ruckus, or something,” something the Islamists will only “see as a sign of weakness,” leading them to “take more and more.”

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At the time of this article’s publication, the video has over 275,000 views on Facebook and has accumulated this number in only four hours.



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