VIDEO: Antifa Scum Screeches “I Need My Service Animal” As Police Haul Her Away

As a violent protester was hauled away by Berkeley police during last weekend’s anti-Marxism rally, she was heard screaming “Fuck you pigs, I need my service animal!” at the officers who escorted her away. 

God Emperor Trump

In a typical display of autistic screeching after realizing actions do indeed have consequences, the disgusting, overweight genderless being with closely trimmed hair and “problematic glasses” screamed repeatedly at the police officers that she needs her “service animal,” as well as “fuck you pigs.”

“I need my service animal! I need my service animal! I need my service animal! She’s supposed to be with me,” the creature screeched, “fuck you pigs”

She then continued to make unintelligible screeching noises until she continued her initial refrain, “I need my service animal! … I need my fucking service animal!”

Here’s a pro-tip Antifa scum: Don’t violently protest peaceful events if you can’t physically be separated from your “service animal.” In other words, follow the ancient maxim “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

At least 13 individuals were arrested in Berkeley, California over the weekend as they violently disrupted what was meant to be an anti-Marxism rally. The Berkeley Police Department released their identities early Monday morning.

Stop A Commie

Numerous Trump supporters were attacked violently, as they were vastly outnumbered by the radicalized alt-left protesters, who were armed with everything from pepper spray to feces.

The literal shit-show was so horrific that the mainstream media is no longer shilling for Antifa as of this morning, with the Washington Post and others referring to the right wing attendees as “peaceful” and the Antifa scum as “violent,” and Bloomberg referring to them as “anarchists.”

This is a stark contrast to the aftermath of the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally, when CNN said Antifa’s goal was “peace through violence.”



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