VIDEO: Antifa Mimics ISIS By Throwing Stones At Trump Supporters, Police In Boston

Video shows the Alt-Left organization Antifa has descended resorted to throwing stones at Trump supporters and police officers in Boston as they protested against the city’s pro-free speech rally.

Those who were in support of the First Amendment were greatly outnumbered, with some reports suggesting as many as 30,000 violent counter protesters attended the event in an attempt to shut it down using any means necessary.

God Emperor Trump

Even though the police in Charlottesville, Virginia largely stood down, allowing Antifa to terrorize and incite the fringe right wing identitarians into committing further violence, this did not stop Antifa from attacking police officers in Boston.

President Trump condemned those attacking police officers on Twitter while also thanking the officers as well as the mayor of Boston for allowing the police to do their jobs.

Antifa managed to shut down major parts of Boston with their violence, including the mass transit system many residents depend on in the major city.

Stop A Commie

This use of stones against police officers and Trump supporters comes only days after New York residents made headlines for throwing rocks at the windows of an apartment in the East Village because the resident had a Confederate flag propped up in the window.

As CNN and other mainstream media sources continue to shower praise on the Alt-Left, suggesting Antifa wants “peace through violence,” one must wonder where the political terrorism from the Alt-Left will end.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh suggests it may end in civil war.




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