UNSTUMPABLE: Second-Quarter GDP Spikes to 3% After Media Called It Impossible

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

In just one more example of the anti-Trump naysayers being proven utterly wrong, the American economy has grown at a pace that most said would never happen.

It has been reported that the GDP growth of the second quarter of 2017 – April to June – was at exactly 3%, higher than the original projections of 2.7%. This marked the largest quarterly period of GDP growth since the first quarter of 2015. Additional reports say that this momentum has continued straight into the third quarter, and the highest estimates for the July – September quarter are around 3.4%. Also, the month of August saw yet another spike in job growth, adding about 237,000 jobs to the economy – up from 201,000 in July.

God Emperor Trump

The best part about this particular stat? Virtually the entire media said it couldn’t be done.

For example, the LA Times said that President Trump would be “dreaming” if he thought he could get the second quarter growth up to 3%.

Stop A Commie

Or how about everyone’s favorite barely-relevant cable news channel, MSNBC? They called the idea of 3% growth “mythical.”

The skepticism was so widespread that even the Wall Street Journal made the error of doubting our President, calling the 3% target “out of reach.”

If there’s one thing better than a roaring economy so early on into Trump’s presidency, it’s a roaring economy that proves the entire media wrong.



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