Journalist Beautifully Destroys Fake News, Proves Trump’s Agenda Is On Track

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

If you’re not following Thomas Wictor on Twitter, you are missing out one one of the strangest and most insightful allies President Donald Trump has in the Twittersphere.

Wictor is a former music journalist turned blogger turned middle aged shitposter. He appears to have exactly no skin in the game money-wise, except for the odd book sale of his old music books (he maintains he was royally screwed by his feminazi publisher), and thus he is able to be totally neutral about any given Trump-related catastrophe the rest of Twitter may be melting down over.

For example, he never bought into the Bannon v. Kushner v. McMaster v. Kelly v. Ivanka v. Trump v. Pence narrative being spun by dozens of users, some respectable and some less respectable.

Today he defeated the entire “White House in Chaos” narrative by showing the blatant contradictions that have come out with the singular goal of generating clicks, and it took nothing but a whole lot of tweets.

God Emperor Trump

Stop A Commie

Well meme’d, my friend.

Is Wictor perfect? No, not by a long shot. When Moldylocks got cold clocked he spent upwards of a week counter signaling and making up excuses for her to be holding a weapon and seeking to “scalp Nazis” at the event.

But he’s pretty much hitting the nail on the head here.

We at Department of Memes are tempted by covering this oh-so delicious clickbait garbage. It would be so easy, folks. All you have to do is give someone a reason to be worried about President Trump and you get clicks.

But like the president says, if it’s “sources say” then it’s probably bullshit.

If the White House really is in turmoil, then it would be nice if the “anonymous insider White House sources close to the president” could at least get their damn story straight.



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