TOP KEK: Turkish Soldiers Force Syrian Refugees To Dress Up In Lingerie (PICS)

We are Department of Memes are no fan of Turkey or its military, but what Turkish soldiers did this past week to illegal Syrian refugees was flat-out hilarious.

For once we’re laughing with the Turks, not at the Turks.

God Emperor Trump

Apparently, Turkey is growing sick of Syrian refugees sneaking across the border and their troops are taking it upon themselves to teach the migrants a lesson.

Images posted on Twitter show the refugees being forced to wear multiple sets of neon lingerie for the enjoyment of the soldiers. It’s an ingenious and hilarious idea.

Obviously libtards are triggered over the whole scene.

Via Daily Mail:

“Syrian refugees are being abused and humiliated by Turkish military as they try to cross the border, with the most recent incident showing men being made to wear lingerie. 

Images published on social media shows three men, reportedly Syrian refugees, all wearing brightly coloured women’s underwear with visible bruising and lacerations on their arms and backs.

The incident is said to have taken place at the border, just days after several Turkish soldiers were arrested for abusing Syrian refugees.

They are all dressed in boots, trousers and yellow, pink and red lingerie sets, standing next to a tank.

The pictures themselves, courtesy of Twitter users who have now been removed:

Stop A Commie

As for the Turkish people? They seem to think it’s pretty damn funny too.

In this one instance, Western countries would do well to learn from Turkey, as measures need to be taken to control the mass flow of bodies from Syria into the developed part of the world.

This might be one such measure.



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