Tucker Carlson Savages Corrupt Maxine Waters, Wants To Know How She Got $4 Million Mansion

Tucker Carlson laid into Maxine Waters on last night’s episode of his Fox News program about the source of the massive fortune she has accrued over her 40 years as a public servant.

Waters represents California’s exceptionally poor 43rd district in the U.S. House of Representatives, and at the age of 78, has been an elected official of some type almost continuously since 1977.

God Emperor Trump

Waters lives in a $4 million L.A. mansion outside her own district, and says Carlson is racist because he doesn’t know about her “investments.” Sounds legit.

Carlson asked pointedly, “How did Maxine Waters, Democratic congresswoman, get so rich?” He went on, “She represents one of the poorest districts in California, yet somehow she lives in a $4.3 million dollar mansion in one of the richest and whitest neighborhoods in L.A., which by the way is not even in her district.”

“Really, how did that happen?”

Carlson quoted Waters’ reply as it appeared in her recent interview with The New York Times.

“The way Carlson talked about it is: What right does an African American woman have to do well?” Waters asserted, “This idea of ‘how could she afford that’ is racist, and I just dismiss it.”

Way to pull out all the cards, Maxine. Race and woman in the same sentence. That’s sure to stifle all questions about your corruption.

“In other words, we’re bigots for asking the question,” Carlson summarized, “Surprised? What else was she going to say.”

Stop A Commie

Carlson also notes that while Waters asserted she owned the property for decades, public records indicate she bought the mansion 13 years ago and has invested money into renovating the property. He also notes that Waters has paid family members questionable amounts of money from her campaign funds, including $600,000 to her daughter. Waters’ husband is also suspect when it comes to the source of her money.

Waters’ husband was “once a director of One United Bank,” Carlson told viewers, “in 2008 One United Bank got a $12 million taxpayer bailout after Waters encouraged the Treasury Department to take up the case.”

Carlson pointed out that “at the time, [Waters] did not disclose that her husband had worked there, or that she still had stock holdings in that bank.”

“Some people think this all looks a little unseemly, if not criminal,” said Carlson, “one liberal group ranked Waters as one of the most corrupt members of congress.”

The liberal group Carlson referred to is Citizens for Ethics, a left wing advocacy group that echoes Carlson’s charges against her.

“We are withholding judgment on that despite the congresswoman’s name calling,” concluded Carlson, “we’ve invited Waters on the show multiple times to explain, and we’re going to keep asking.”

Waters has officially been Tucked.



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