VIDEO: Trump Supporters Chant “Build The Wall,” “USA” In Line For Phoenix Rally

God Emperor Trump

Patriots began lining up early in the afternoon on a hot August day to see President Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona. To save themselves from boredom, the line of supporters at times started chants of “USA! USA! USA!” and “Build The Wall!” stretching hundreds of feet. At least one attendee brought a sign reading “John McCain Is A Traitor”

The people of Phoenix are apparently thrilled to see President Trump, even though the Democratic mayor of Phoenix said he tried to convince the president to postpone his rally. The mayor is likely shocked to see his constituents lining up hours ahead of time shouting “USA!” considering he seems to think President Trump is Literally Hitler.

Stop A Commie

There have also been reports on Twitter that “bus loads” of protesters are being dropped off in Phoenix to protest President Trump. It is not known where these buses may have originated. Several organizations have confirmed they plan to protest the president during the rally.

It was also speculated that President Trump may pardon Sherrif Joe Arpaio today and announce it at his rally, but the White House denied this.



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