Trump Supporter’s Car Vandalized Because Of Bumper Sticker – TWICE (Pics)

Daniel McMillan, a recent high school graduate from Seattle, Washington has seen his car’s windows smashed twice, both times shortly after he added a Trump-Pence bumper sticker to the back of his vehicle.

The first act of vandalism occurred in January, McMillan says he had the sticker on his car for barely two weeks before his rear driver’s side window was smashed. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

God Emperor Trump

The second time the sticker made it a little bit longer before eliciting such a strong reaction. McMillan received his second sticker in the beginning of July, and promptly added it to his car.

It made it almost an entire three weeks before another vandal smashed his driver’s side window into pieces, stealing his fidget spinners, a bag of Cheetos, and a cheap pair of sunglasses he had hidden out of sight in his center console in the process.

McMillan says this is not the first time he has been attacked for supporting President Donald Trump. Before graduating high school, McMillan was frequently bullied for wearing pro-Trump clothing by his classmates in the liberal state.

“I’ve had my fair share of criticism for supporting Trump,” McMillan told us, “when I went to school I had a white MAGA hat on and some kid ripped it off my head and stomped on it.”

He is also subjected to abuse for supporting President Trump while in his own neighborhood.

Stop A Commie

“There’s this one dude in this Honda that always drives by when I get home from work and he ALWAYS flips me off when he goes by,” said McMillan, “it’s kinda funny.”

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McMillan’s normally peaceful Washington neighborhood has seen its share of obnoxious anti-Trump behavior over the last couple years. McMillan told us he is regularly woken up by a group of children shouting obscenities outside his house.

“There are these little kids that run down our street at like 3 in the morning yelling ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ at our house.”

This incident reveals how dangerous it can be to support President Trump in a liberal state, even though Americans are constantly reminded by the media that leftists are peaceful and tolerant. The myth of the peaceful leftist is debunked more and more with each incident.

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Luckily, McMillan says the people who commit violence and vandalism against him and his property will not cause him to drop his support for President Trump:

“If anything they will make me support him more”



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