Antifa Hits Trump Supporter With Sign, Trump Supporter Floors Him With Brutal Right Cross (VIDEO)

Another strike was entered in the loss column for scumbag leftist protesters today, as footage surfaced of a disgusting hippie thug getting laid out after attacking a Trump supporter.

God Emperor Trump

In the video, captured during an anti-Trump protest, the tattooed, muscular MAGA hat wearing fan of President Donald Trump appears to dare an older man brandishing a communist sign to hit him. The protester takes the bait and strikes him across the face with the sign before trying unsuccessfully to duck behind some bystanders.

The MAGA Man is too quick for the communist, however, and unleashes a quick flurry of punches before lining up the pivotal blow, a savage right cross that catches the hippie flush in the mouth, dumping him unceremoniously on his derriere.

The altercation is then broken up by the other protesters, with the score standing clearly at MAGA Man 1, Commie Scum 0.

Stop A Commie

This is just another example of the cowardice of the far left, and how the only solution to their disgusting antics is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Goodnight, Left Side.

It turns out the left can’t fight any better than they can meme.



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