Trump Tells Police To Get Tough On Crime, Triggers BLM and ACLU

In a Long Island speech Friday morning, President Donald Trump once again managed to both provide humorous banter and simultaneously make all the professional race-baiters on Twitter dance like poorly scripted marionettes. The salt outpouring from leftist cucks thus far could likely rival the Dead Sea in terms of scope and depth.

God Emperor Trump

The president was discussing his administration’s policies on the criminal organization known as MS-13, a Salvadorian gang that is frequently compared to ISIS in terms of its tactics and impact.

It went down like this:

“They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” President Trump bellowed in his speech. “They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They’re animals.”

“And when you see these towns, and when you see these thugs, being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough,” President Trump started, “I said please don’t be too nice.”

Even if this wasn’t a joke, it sounds pretty reasonable: ‘Don’t be nice to drug dealers and rapists’.

But it only got better from there, as Trump continued, “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, the way you out [your] hand, so they don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody,” said the president.

“I said you can take the hand away, OK,” he finished.

It was vintage Trump, and the crowd loved it, providing roaring applause. It was easily one of the president’s greatest moments.

But naturally the criminal-rights groups like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU were colossally triggered and could not contain their rage and massive rectal pain on social media.

Black Lives Matter amateur activist and professional race-monger Deray McKesson had this to say:

Stop A Commie

Of course the outrage was not confined to Black Lives Matter. Anti-white liberal groups were triggered across the Twittersphere.

Via Blue Lives Matter:

“The ACLU went on a full-blown Twitter tirade across a large number of tweets, saying things like, ‘Encouraging police to dole out extra pain at will is urging lawlessness that already imperils the lives of people of color at shameful rates’ and ‘We know what happened to Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and too many others who lost their lives only because they were under suspicion.’

“News reporters retweeted the Legal Defense fund saying, ‘The President’s remarks today encouraging police officers to disregard the safety of individuals in their custody rises to a new level of danger. No person, especially those who have only been accused of a crime, should be abused by those entrusted to uphold the law.'”

This response certainly isn’t out of the normal, but it is pretty stupid and reveals how childlike leftists have become when it comes to reigning in criminals.



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