TRUMP EFFECT: RNC Raises $75 Million In 6 Months

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Despite mainstream media reports of President Donald Trump being the most hated man to walk the earth today, he somehow is raking in cash for the RNC amidst supposed scandals and muh polls, according to New York Post.

God Emperor Trump

Trump may not have the big name corporate donors on his side, but his message to smaller contributors has netted a sizable sum in the first six months of his presidency. It’s an unprecedented feat in several ways.

Via New York Post:

“Backed by Trump’s appeal to small donors, the Republican National Committee has raised $75 million in the first six months – more than double what the Democratic National Committee was able to collect in the same period of President Obama’s first term, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

‘The president is somebody who absolutely is an asset when it comes to fundraising,’ RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told the news service. Benefiting from Trump’s popularity with his base, the RNC said it collected more cash online in the first six months of the year than in all of 2016.”

If one was to believe the current public opinion polls, this wouldn’t make much sense. Isn’t the Trump administration the most unpopular of its kind in recent history? Isn’t the White House racked with scandal and infighting? Didn’t Drumpf lose muh popular vote by millions and millions of votes?

Or maybe, just maybe, the polls are as disingenuous as they were before November 8th, 2016. Maybe President Trump is as popular as ever with his voter base, and is raising money at an unprecedented rate.

Stop A Commie

Maybe the media is concerned that the Trump administration is, in fact, so popular that the Democrat Party will lose the midterms in a landslide in 2018 and are on track for another humiliating defeat in 2020.

Only time will tell.



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