Trump BTFOs Disloyal Senator: ‘He Wants To Remain A Senator, Doesn’t He?’ (VIDEO)

God Emperor Trump

President Donald Trump didn’t mince words at a GOP Senate luncheon earlier this week, calling out Senator Jim Heller in particular with a warning not to vote against Obamacare repeal.

The meeting, aimed to sway Republican senators to continue working on repeal legislation, was an opportunity for Trump to weigh in firsthand with those who control the fate of the American healthcare system.

Trump referenced Heller during the video as one of a “couple of friends… [that] may not be [friends] much longer,” adding to Senator Heller, “but no, you didn’t go out there. This was the one we were worried about. You weren’t there. But you’re going to be. Look,” – to audience – “he wants to remain a senator, doesn’t he?”

Big League bantz from the God Emperor.

Stop A Commie

President Trump also pointed out that Obamacare “was a lie directly from the president, ‘you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan,’ 28 times he said it, and it was a lie and he knew it was,” before reminding his audience about the destruction Obamacare has brought to the United States.

We can only hope they have an impact on the fence-sitters at that luncheon table.



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