TOP KEK: McDonald’s Under Fire For Adding Bacon To Muslim’s Burgers

The terrorist-associated Council on Islamic-American Relations uploaded a YouTube video allegedly showing bacon added to burgers ordered by Muslims, making the high calorie treat no longer halal.

This so-called hate crime occurred in Alabama, and the individuals who ordered the sandwiches – all 14 of them – are audibly upset in their short video.

God Emperor Trump

“Why, why would somebody?” One shouted. “I’m not sure why,” responded the other.

From WKRG News 5:

The Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Alabama) called the franchise today with the request after the family sent them a video taken yesterday, after they each found a small piece of bacon on each sandwich. Eating pork products are strictly prohibited in Islam.

“Based on the evidence in this incident, as well as the unprecedented spike in anti-Muslim bigotry nationwide, we believe this was an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry,” said Khaula Hadeed, Executive Director at CAIR-Alabama.

A representative from CAIR-Alabama says they also contacted McDonald’s corporate management in order to put pressure on the franchise to provide surveillance of the incident as well as an apology for the employees’ actions.

“McDonald’s should investigate this incident, identify and terminate the employees responsible, and take proactive steps to satisfy this American family’s concerns, starting with an apology,” Hadeed said.

File this one under, “get a grip people,” because come on, it’s fucking bacon.

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Most of us would be thrilled to find an extra hunk of the pricey and delicious meat on our sandwich, especially if we didn’t have to pay extra.

Stop A Commie

The Council on Islamic-American Relations has been under fire in the past for its alleged ties to terrorists.

As far back as 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared CAIR  a terrorist group, and the group was described as having a “cozy” relationship to the Obama administration. Whenever the slightest injustice is levied upon a Muslim, readers can be sure to find CAIR autistically screeching somewhere nearby.

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Remember, folks, CAIR doesn’t care about women being deprived of their basic human rights in Muslim countries, nor do they care that homosexuals can be executed merely for being gay in 11 Muslim nations.

They are here to protect Muslims from the threat of bacon.



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