12 Times Leftists Used Political Violence Against Trump Supporters

1. Burlingame, California

In April of 2016, President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in the relatively small California city of Burlingame. Leftists became violent outside the rally, pushing Trump supporters, ripping apart their signs, and stealing their hats.

One such victim was Christopher Conway, a middle-aged Trump supporter who was punched, grabbed, had his MAGA hat stolen, and was nearly beaten by a mob of angry leftists until he was able to take cover behind two police officers.

2. San Jose, California

The police officers of the city of San Jose were given a stand down order when President Trump held a rally in that state, leading to a riot that saw Trump supporters running for their lives, their signs, clothing, and hats burned, and one woman egged in the face by an angry leftist.

The city of San Jose is now facing a lawsuit by Trump supporters who were left to defend themselves due to the city’s unwillingness to act.

3. Chicago, Illinois

God Emperor Trump

When President Trump wanted to hold a rally in the city of Chicago, riots broke out in the street, leading Trump to cancel his event entirely. It was later revealed that anti-Trump organizations were planning to rush the stage from three angles simultaneously, putting the president’s life in danger.

This did not keep rabid leftists from roaming the streets, intimidating teenagers as young as 15 years old while cameras were rolling.

4. First Trump Assassination Attempt

In March of 2016, a leftist rushed President Trump while he was on stage delivering a campaign speech in Ohio. Secret Service and Trump’s private security rushed to defend him.

The would-be attacker was later interviewed on CNN.

He went on to plead guilty and was given a year of probation and a laughably small $250 fine. He was also warned to stay away from the Republican National Convention later that year.

5. Second Trump Assassination Attempt

During one of President Trump’s campaign speeches in Las Vegas, Nevada just a few months later in June of 2016, a British national attempted to grab a police officer’s pistol with the goal of shooting Trump.

He was given a plea deal and will serve up to two years in prison for his attempt to kill the future president.

6. Third Trump Assassination Attempt

Only two days before voters went to the polls to vote in November of 2016, another anti-Trump protester grabbed a police officer’s gun and rushed the stage with the goal of killing President Trump.

Fortunately, Secret Service was able to apprehend the suspect and get President Trump off stage. Once the situation was resolved, President Trump resumed his speech where he left off.

7. Battles of Berkeley

Stop A Commie

Berkeley, California has been a continuous theater for violence against conservatives, starting with the First Battle of Berkeley that occurred when Milo Yiannopoulos traveled to the leftist snake den to deliver a speech to college students. Yiannopoulos never gave the speech and was escorted away by security.

The Second Battle of Berkeley occurred during a free speech event held to support Yiannopoulos. Even without the Dangerous Faggot in attendance, the denizens of Berkeley put on their black block outfits and attempted to hurt conservatives.

The Third Battle of Berkeley was provoked after Ann Coulter was slated to deliver a talk at the college. Even though Coulter’s event was canceled, a free speech rally was held in Berkeley, and leftists quickly attacked it in force, hurling rocks and fire crackers at conservatives, including journalist Lauren Southern.

8. Republican Campaign Office Firebombed

Apparently taking notes from 1930s Germany, a North Carolina  Republican campaign office was firebombed in October of 2016, less than a month before the presidential election.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the property was fully destroyed.

9. Marine Le Pen Egged In Public

Former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was egged in the face by a leftist protester while campaigning in May of this year.

Le Pen continued campaigning and did not let the event phase her.

10. Hamburg Germany Riots During G20

To protest President Trump travelling to Hamburg, Germany to attend G20 with other world leaders in July of this year, leftist protesters literally burned their own city to the ground. 

Over 100,000 protesters descended on the city, injuring over 100 police officers and leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

11. Riots During President Trump’s Inauguration

During President Trump’s inauguration in January of this year, leftists wrought destruction on Washington, D.C. and were thoroughly beaten back by police officers.

Countless buildings were destroyed, numerous individuals – including dozens of police officers – were injured, and over 200 protesters were arrested and later indicted on felony rioting charges.

12. Congressional Baseball Shooter

Possibly the most widely publicized item on this list, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter charged a Republican Congressional baseball practice with a loaded rifle, intending to kill as many Republicans as possible.

During the shooting, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in the hip, causing him to spend a month in the hospital. He now faces several months of recovery and rehabilitation.



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