Throwback: Dan Lyman Interviews God Emperor Trump

God Emperor Trump

While it seems like a decade has passed since the interview was recorded, in June of 2016 the admin of of God Emperor Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Dan Lyman, the independent journalist who later took a position as a Foreign Correspondent for Infowars

Dan Lyman of Infowars
Dan Lyman of Infowars

The exclusive interview covers the rise of President Trump, how memes can be used to break through to a generation previously calloused and bored by politics, and a brief explainer of Pepe the Frog from long before Hillary Clinton’s campaign website featured a hate filled denunciation of the cartoon frog.

It is typically God Emperor Trump’s policy to avoid all contact with journalists, however, it was obvious from previous communication that Dan Lyman was no Megyn Kelly or Lester Holt wannabe. After Lyman went on to take a job at Infowars, he went on to cover the tragic takedown and stunning reversal of the Facebook page.

After Clinton named the alt right and called out its mascot frog, God Emperor Trump agreed to a second interview with Dan Lyman to discuss the true history of Pepe and explain to the world exactly how big of a mess Hillary Clinton stepped in.

Stop A Commie

You can find this interview below, or find it on the Facebook page Lyman uses to connect with his readers and share his daily articles.



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