Texas Wants To Make It Legal To Run Over Protesters 

Image Credit: Ben Chun

As if this timeline couldn’t get any better, a new bill has been produced in the Texas House of Representatives by Rep. Pat Fallon that would technically legalize the act of running down low-IQ protesters that block or obstruct traffic.

God Emperor Trump

The phenomenon of radical leftists protesting and rioting is hardly new, but their latest tactic of shutting down public roads and highways as a way of intimidating the general populace is perhaps the most infuriating.

It is already an unwritten rule of the road that it is your fault if you become road pizza whilst running like a jackass on the interstate, and most people who floor the gas and bulldoze through protests are safe, legally speaking.

But given the propensity of the left to attempt to prosecute those who do things they don’t like – using the very same justice system they decry as unfair and racist – it would be helpful to have some specific legal justification before going full GTA 5 on road-blocking scum.

This bill will offer many of the same protections a similar North Carolina bill gave the state’s drivers.

Stop A Commie

The Texas bill is currently being reviewed by the Judiciary And Jurisprudence Committee and has to be approved by Governor Greg Abbott before being called before a 30-minute legislative session. It’s a roll of the dice whether the proposal will actually end up becoming law, but with the Lone Star State’s impressive track record of administering justice to criminal degenerates over the years…

Well, one can only hope.




  1. Yeah as far as I’m concerned shutting down a major roadway so you can scream about the patriarchy in high heels and a burqa is intimidation, it is inherently dangerous, and it cannot be tolerated. These “protestors” have attacked vehicles and injured people, so as far as I’m concerned…play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And we drive big vehicles down here…

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