Swedish Man Gets Arrested For Eating Bacon In Front Of Muslim Women

Multiculturalism is a hell of a drug.

God Emperor Trump

According to a story by Gateway Pundit, Sweden reached peak virtue signalling this year by arresting a 53-year-old Stockholm man for the despicable crime of eating bacon in front of some patio umbrellas – I mean Muslim women.

From the article:

“A 53-year-old Stockholm man was convicted by authorities for – literally – eating bacon in front of a few veiled Muslim women. The Islamic women reported him to the police for eating bacon in front of them. The man allegedly sat near the veiled Muslim women and began eating his bacon and being obnoxious with it in a taunting way toward the women. Obnoxious? Sure. Criminal? Ridiculous. The report states that the Muslim women were uncomfortable with the situation and attempted to move somewhere else, that dastardly bacon-eating fiend followed the women with his pork product. The man also apparently said some not-so-nice things about the women’s religion. Rude? Sure. Criminal? Absurd.”

Well it’s good to see that apparently the Swedish police have their priorities in order.

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Stop A Commie

And in case you think this particular strain of cuckoldry is a purely European problem, prepare to be disappointed. The United States has already begun cracking down on “bacon hate crimes.”

As recently as April of this year a California woman was arrested for allegedly leaving bacon strips on the door handles of the Davis Islamic Center.

This is the world we now live in.



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