Pepe the Frog Creator Thinks He Can Rebrand Our Favorite Frog

In case you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past year, you might have noticed the mainstream media’s smear campaign against Pepe the Frog, a popular internet meme.

Much to the dismay of his creator, Matt Furie, Pepe is now associated with white supremacism and racism.

God Emperor Trump

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As God Emperor Trump detailed in his conversation with Infowars journalist Dan Lyman, Pepe spawned in an obscure comic called Boys Club, and has since become one of the most well known memes on the Internet, and is hailed by many to be the one and only true son of the ancient chaos god Kek.

Recently, Furie tried to “kill off” Pepe in a comic depicting Pepe’s “funeral.” Apparently, Furie thought all the alt-right shitposters would throw up their hands and say, “Oh, guess we can’t make Pepe memes anymore guys.”

He was wrong.

Stop A Commie

Now it seems Furie wants to “resurrect” Pepe in a new comic. Apparently, that requires $10,000 from donors on his new Kickstarter page, which at the time of writing is at $17,000.

One of the rewards for donating includes an original Pepe drawing for the low price of $2,000.

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It’s pretty obvious that Furie simply wants to get some attention and money, seeing as his last publicity stunt with Pepe failed.

Unfortunately for Furie, Pepe no longer belongs to him. Pepe the Frog belongs to us all.

Praise Kek.



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