Sam Hyde Offers $5,000 Bounty For Info On Baked Alaska’s Acid Attacker

Comedian and right wing personality Sam Hyde is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person who attacked Baked Alaska with an acid solution during the failed Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

God Emperor Trump

Baked Alaska, an e-celebrity who in recent months has become prominent in Alt-Right circles, may be permanently blinded from the acid attack.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Hyde discusses the fallout from the rally, including the dead 32-year-old woman before offering the bounty.

“I hate parting with money, but here’s the last thing,” Hyde continued, “What’s up all my bounty hunters out there? I got five G’s, five K, $5,000 USD, this is gonna be a tough one, but if you get good enough info on the kid that sprayed Baked Alaska with acid, if you’ve got good enough info that leads to charges being brought, I’ve got $5,000.”

Hyde went on to mention he may post the bounty through WeSearchr, a free speech fundraising platform. As of this article’s publication the bounty has not yet been posted.

Stop A Commie

After discussing the bounty, Hyde gave his thoughts on the Unite The Rally, which he considers “a big fucking hoax-joke.”

“Both sides are probably completely lousy with feds,” said Hyde referring to Antifa and the Alt-Right, “and I don’t mean the Unite The Right organizers or Richard Spencer or Mike Enoch,” he continued.

“I just mean probably some of the guys with swastikas, definitely some of the antifa people, they were fucking feds in there who knew what was going on, who allowed it to happen,” Hyde postulated. “It was top down coordination, the governor of Virginia told the police to stand down.

“The media spectacle happened, and they let it happen, and now two cops are dead. Is that the price you want to pay?” Hyde said regarding the two police officers who died in a helicopter crash that is surrounded by several theories and conspiracies.

Regarding a meme Hyde posted with the Dodge Challenger used to run over protesters the day following the rally, Hyde said he will feel sympathy and apologize only if he sees a large amount of leftists denounce Antifa and condemn political violence on both sides of the aisle.



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