Salon Can Barely Pay Its Rent And We Couldn’t Be Happier

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Pro-pedophilia and libshit opinion site Salon is in deep trouble according to New York Post, unable to pay back rent after already being evicted from its offices in 2016.

God Emperor Trump

It’s downright orgasmic to see an outlet that produced articles like “Meet Pedophiles Who Mean Well” and “White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it” (talk about unprofessional headline editing) crash and burn like the giant pile of garbage it is.

In a world of shit-tier leftist sites clogging the interwebs, Salon may only rank below (or even with) Huffington Post as the most cancerous online publication in the Western Hemisphere.

Thankfully, they are big league failures.

Stop A Commie

Via New York Post:

“Salon, the struggling digital publisher, is having trouble paying its rent.

A landlord who late last year evicted Salon from its New York offices for nonpayment of $90,000 in back rent is now trying to force the digital publisher to pay more than $700,000 for the unused portion of a five-year lease that is slated to run through September 2019.

Salon had been paying over $300,000 a year to Vbgo Penn Plaza for offices at 31 Penn Plaza, near Madison Square Garden.

By the fall of 2016, according to a suit filed recently in Manhattan state court, Salon had already fallen behind in its rent covering the period from July 2016 to Sept. 30, to the tune of $90,565. Vbgo said it evicted Salon in December and now is trying to get the struggling Web media company to pay up for the rest of the lease.”

Here’s a lesson to you, kids: don’t write articles advocating pedophilia if you want to be able to pay your rent.



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  1. I wanted to dance a happy dance when I read the article in the New York Post! Seriously, as a digital magazine, why do they need to be in Manhattan? Oh well…never underestimate the bankrupting power of ego!

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