Terrible Rock Band Ridicules Straight White Men With What They Call Music (VIDEO)

This “music” video tells the story of a straight white man who goes through the same hardships that everyone else does every day.

Life is so easy for the straight white man
A woman can’t do all the things we can
Walk in the dark and feel secure
Do the same job but get paid more
We wear what we like and we don’t get shamed
We don’t get raped and then get blamed
Is it so hard to understand
Life is so easy for the straight white man

God Emperor Trump

Terrible incidents such as cute women wanting to suck his dick and his attractive boss making a move on him really puts things in perspective for straight white males everywhere.

Life is so easy for the straight white man
The gays can’t do all the things we can
We can have sex and get married as well
And The Church won’t tell us that we’re going to hell
No one minds us having a child
People don’t assume that we’re paedophiles
It’s hard if you’re gay, worse if you’re trans
But life is so easy for the straight white man

The video goes on to complain how straight people have more rights than gay people and it’s almost like the band doesn’t know that gay marriage was legalized years ago and that being gay gives to 10,000+ brownie points with most employers and colleges.

Life is so easy for the straight white man
The blacks can’t do all the things we can
See the police and get left alone
No one ever tells us to go back home
And we’re much less likely to go to jail 
Because the system is biased against black males 
The system fails, unless you’re pale,
Life is so easy for the straight white male

The audience is then educated on how black men have such a hard time because the “system is built against them”, even though blacks commit a ridiculous amount of crime in proportion to their population size.

Stop A Commie

Thankfully, the video only has 50,000 views and a comparatively stunning 12,000 ‘dislikes.’ The number of ‘likes’ is a laughable 471.

The media spreading stuff like this around is why the Unite The Right shitshow in Charlottesville happened. The worst part about this is that it’s not even a minority band ragging on all white men they all seem to be self-hating white guys trying to earn some “white guilt” points.

The delusion of “white privilege” has seeped into not only popular culture but modern academia. It’s a hateful, nasty lie that pits races against each other to win the prize of Most Oppressed™.

Of course, with every Leftist smear campaign comes a horde of parrots and losers who simply regurgitate what they’re told.

Musicians are no exception.



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